They are not even mentioning minorities. It is scary for Muslims. It is scary for all of us.

Like Lakdawala, the former Jawaharlal Nehru University professor believes that Congress’s silence over Padmavati went beyond the election. “I believe that that Congress has lost its capacity to speak on issues like free speech.”

For Mujahid Nafees, a 35-year-old Muslim man from Ahmedabad, the Congress is playing a “dangerous game” in not condemning the agitation against Padmavati. “Today, they are quiet about Padmavati. What will it be tomorrow? What’s the limit of looking the other way,” he said.

Nafees, who runs an advocacy group called the Minority Coordination Committee, continued, “Right now, the Congress believes that Muslims will always vote for them. Eventually, Muslims will just have to stop voting and that just hurts the democratic system that we live in. It is dangerous.”

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