Npower’s lying salesmen tried to persuade my staff I back it!

The lying Npower sales reps chose the wrong house. They turned up at MSE Adam’s home, one of our senior web developers, and tried their spiel on him. So, it’s over to Adam to tell you more…

MSE Adam

MSE Adam

I was just popping out to an orchestral rehearsal when two Npower sales guys arrived at the door.

They gave a nice spiel about having the best tariffs and no lock-in clauses and to sum it up they gave the great line of: ‘…and Martin Lewis off of Daybreak backs us too’.

This made my wife and I smile, especially when I told them that I worked for Martin.

Their faces were a picture and not knowing what to say, or do, they decided to ask whether I still wanted to switch. The cheek!”

It’d almost be funny if it weren’t yet another incident where a spate of imposters or liars has been making false claims of endorsement (see the Beware MSE cold callers news story) from me or the site. (For the record, with gas and electricity I always suggest that you should do a comparison before switching, see the Cheap gas & electricity guide.) 

The golden rule is – if you didn’t hear me say it, or if you haven’t read it on the main section of the site – then don’t trust that we really back it without checking first.