18 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

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18 Ways to Earn Money Online

Check some of the best ways below & start immediately-

earn money online

1. Earn from PTC sites

If you are trying to earn money online & need only small extra income less than $200 (Rs.12,000) then PTC sites are the best way to start. get_paid

There are many sites where you can register & make money by reading ads. All sites are free & there is no investment at all.

You can check this list of 5 best PTC sites, signup & start earning.

2. Earn with GPT Sites

To add more income, you can also join GPT sites where you can earn money by taking small surveys, watching videos, playing games & doing many more activities.

We have worked on number of GPT sites but we will recommend only 3 sites which pays their member on time. You can receive your payment by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer.

Check GPT sites here.

3. Become a Captcha Solver

If you have more time then you can add further income in your pocket by working as a captcha solver. This is the one of easiest way to earn money online.

As a captcha solver, you need to read the captcha images & type the exact characters. You need to be very fast in order to earn better income.

You can get paid up to $2 for every 1000 captchas you solve.

If you are interested in this then you can check this list of 10 best captcha entry sites.

4. Earn Money from Survey

Here you can make money by completing small surveys which takes 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the requirement of a particular company.earn from survey

You need to write your feedback & opinion in a survey. You just have to select your choice from the question & there is no need to write anything.

You can make $1 to $20 depending on the length of the survey, your profile & the country you are living.

Visit here to join 20 best survey sites & to know more about online surveys.

4. AdSense & other Ad network

Although this one is the most favourite in my list but I put this in #4 because its not as easy as other 3 above & it takes time to make money from Google AdSense.earn from adsense

You need a website (which anyone can create now a days) & some tricks to bring the traffic on your website so that you can earn money from AdSense & other ad network.

We have prepared one of the best course on AdSense earning which thousands of people in India & all over the world have used & now they are earning $200 to $1000+ per month.

This training course is absolutely free & you can download after signup here.

5. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

If you are serious about earning money online & you are a hard working guy who wants to make big income then affiliate marketing is for you.

There is more scope for affiliate marketing than before because of the high growth of online shopping.

There are hundreds of online merchants like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, CJ etc. where you can signup & promote their products.

In affiliate marketing, you are simply helping customers to buy the right product by creating a simple website & in return you can earn 4% to 20% commission.

You can signup free here so that we can send you one of the best guide on affiliate marketing that can help you to earn great income.

6. Become a freelancer

Freelancing is another popular way to make money after AdSense & affiliate marketing. As a freelancer, you can work with small or big companies on a temporary basis & provide them your services.earn as freelancer

Freelancers can make $500 to $2000+ per month depending on the type of skills you will use as a freelancer.

You can work as a content writer, web designer, graphics design or provide services like SEO, data entry & many more.

There are dozens of popular websites like Elance, Freelancer.in, WorkNHire, Upwork, People per Hour etc. that can give you the ready platform with ready clients.

7. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant who can earn money by working online for someone without being physically present.

He can do variety of tasks like taking care of websites, counselling, writing & proofreading, publishing content, marketing, coding, website & app development, research etc.

There are dozens of companies like HireMyMom, MyTasker, Zirtual, uAssistMe, 123Employee where you can signup for virtual assistant work.

6. Writing Job

Writing is another better way to earn money on internet through writing different types of content. You can write for blogs, companies, institutions, individual people etc.

Different types of writers get paid differently. Normally people get paid $5 or more for 500 words content.

You can go to the sites like Elance, iWriter, WriterBay, FreelanceWriting, TextBroker, ExpressWriters.com, FreelanceWritingGigs.com to find the content writing jobs.

7. Web design

If you have idea of web design & development then you can make money online by taking order from the customers who are looking to develop their website.web design

If you don’t have idea then you can take the training & then start this because this field has got a great potential. Either you can promote this offline or create your own website and promote 0nline.

8. SEO

This is one of the most popular business online & if you have idea of SEO then you don’t have to worry about making money online.seo

Companies spend hundreds to thousands of dollars every month on SEO so that their website can get on the top of Google for their business keywords.

You need to take the training from a popular institute like SEOTrainingCourse.co.in where you can learn practical SEO tips & implement the same to rank different types of sites.

9. Micro-working

If you are a kind of person who want simple ways to earn money online & not mare than $200-$300 (Rs.15000) per month then you can become a micro worker.

Here you can work on variety of different tasks like identifying an object, rating & commenting on different sites, visiting some websites, finding contact details, doing small research, writing small articles etc.

There are many websites like mTurk, MicroWorker, SEOClerk, ClickWorker, GigWalk where you can work as a micro worker & earn extra income.

10. Seller on Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where you can do any service for $5. You can visit the website Fiverr.com & check which type of service you can do on Fiverr.make_money_with_fiverr

You can become a seller on Fiverr & create your gigs where you can tell people that you can do so & so for $5.

People see your gig & if they like it, they will order your service. Even if you complete 1 gig a day, you can make $150 or Rs.9000/- per month.

Our training material on Fiverr can help you to grow your business & you can make great money from Fiverr.

10. YouTube Channel

You go anywhere or do anything, if you love shooting videos on all these occasions then there is a great scope for you to earn money from YouTube.

All you need to do is upload the videos on YouTube & become a YouTube partner. For each & every view, you will get paid.

Sometime if any of your videos become viral then you can make huge money.

11. Become an online seller

Online selling is not like traditional selling. Here you just need to become a seller on some of the top shopping portals like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, SnapDeal etc. & list the products you want to sell.

You can roam around your city & check for the best products you can sell on these sites. You need to try the best products that you can sell at lower than market price.

Trust me, its easier than your thought. Only thing you need to do is take action.

12. Domain Trader

Domain trading is another high profit business you can do online. But here you need some investment for buying the domain.’

You must be an expert OR you should get detailed knowledge before you start this business. You can buy domains from GoDaddy or other domain registrar for less than $10 & sell in future to the needy person for hundreds of dollars.

Your skill here is to identify great domains that are not booked yet & companies in future can try to buy that domain.domain_trading

When companies don’t find the domain of their choice, they contact the domain owner for the deal & it’s in your control to fix the price.

You can even put your domains on auction so that people can buy directly at your desired price.

13. Website flipping

Like domain trading, website flipping is also a hot business to earn money online. Here you don’t deal with domains but websites.

You have to create a website, work on it for 3-6 months or more so that you can start making money from the websites.

After earning for 2-3 months, you can put that site on auction on Flippa & other platforms. You can easily get 15-20 times price of your monthly earning from that website.

14. Provide training & consultancy

If you possess some good skills & love to teach then you can start a training or consultancy business online.

You can provide training on English or any computer course, provide consultancy on vastu, any technical topic or if you are a doctor can provide consultancy for treatment etc.

There are number of things you can teach online. You can promote your business by creating a website or a Facebook page or by placing ads in classified sites etc.

15. Stock & Forex Trading

Stock trading & forex trading is a very lucrative way to make money for those who has good idea of the market.online trading

There are number of free or paid courses available on internet that can train you for online trading. You can even read newspaper like Economic times or watch TV channels like CNBC to become more expert in the field.

Its risky to enter into this market without sufficient knowledge.

16. Earn money from your smartphone

There are various apps that can make you some small money by doing & completing some simple tasks on your Smartphone.earn_from_smartphone

There are at least 10 apps that can earn you some extra income in the range of $100-$150 a month. You have to take simple surveys, complete offers by signup on other websites, play games, watch videos etc.

We will show you the list of these apps after you signup for our training.

17. Sell photos online

This is another use of your smartphone. You can take high quality images of nature, places, people, things, dishes, homes etc. & sell them online.

There are number of big sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, , iStockPhoto, Photobucket where you can submit your photos.

Whenever some customer wants to purchase your photos, you will get paid as per the price you fix. You can get paid multiple time for the same photos.

18. Sell old stuff on OLX or Quikr

I am sure there may be number of things in your home that are lying unused for months & if you take little efforts, you can earn some good money.sell_old_stuff

You just need to do 2 things, i.e. find out all the items that you are no longer using, take high quality photos of these items from different angles & list these items on OLX & Quikr for sale.

Not only this, you can also ask your friends & relatives for selling their old stuff. You can help them selling these items & make some commission.

So these 18 ways can provide a perfect answer for your query ‘how to earn money online” & yes, you can shoot an email to us in case of assistance.

131 Business Ideas, Online Business, Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

If you are a young graduate or a 9 to 5 employee who want to quit his/her job & looking for business ideas then this post is for you.
Now it is the best time to start a business. Business friendly governments around the world support businessmen like you to start a new business.

In this article we are giving you 131 business ideas that can help you in getting started.

We have listed all types of business ideas like online business ideas, small business ideas with low investments from Rs.10,000 to 1,00,000.

You can even find medium sized business ideas above Rs.10,00,000. You can even find small manufacturing business ideas here.

131 Great Business Ideas with Low Investment

business ideas

So let us see these business ideas one by one.

Online Business Ideas with Low or No Investment

Online businesses are the hottest business opportunities provided you have interest & knowledge in starting an online business.

Here are some of the online business ideas you can start with either very low or no investment.

1. Online Home Business

This is the easiest way to start an online business from home. There are number of options in this category and most of these online businesses are free to start.

You can find all these options here.

We have created one of the best training package to start these online businesses. So you can signup for free to get this training package.

2. Blogging and Publishing

blogging business Now we shall look at series of businesses that can be started online. You just need to have few computers and internet connection.

You start a blog or a website and publish articles daily online. You can start with a minimum investment of Rs.2000 to buy a domain & hosting for your blog.

However the main investment is your passion for blogging. You can turn this hobby into a business. Read more about making money from blogging here.

3. Online Freelancing – Data Entry, Content Writing

freelancing You can also write content online for various publications. Websites like Upwork, Elance etc have companies that need content writers. You can take up projects and finish it on time and deliver it.

You can also start giving data entry work to others. However you have to take projects from the company who is willing to outsource this job to you.

4. Web Designing and Coding

Web DesigningWeb designing and coding for various software applications is great IT business. It can be done on small scale level. Minimum investment is Rs.10,000.

You can get clients where you design websites, code various mobile and desktop app. You must have expertise in coding and also you need a team with experienced programmers.

You can find various web design courses here.

5. SEO Experts

SEO business SEO related projects are in great demand if you are working with websites and blogs. You can easily make minimum $1000 per month with this business.

You can start a SEO business online and turn it into a big business. However you must know everything SEO and got to hire SEO experts.

If you know SEO, then you can implement this for yourself for getting SEO clients & also promote yourself on social sites like Facebook.

6. Amazon, eBay, Flipkart Seller

Thousands of people all over India are making big money by selling different types of products on sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay etc.online selling business

Just search for a good product in the market that has good demand or something that you can buy for very cheap & sell at a good margin on these sites.

Then become seller on these sites & start selling the products. Everything is simple but initial efforts are required to understand the system. You can start with a minimum investment of Rs.10,000.

7. YouTube Video Making

Not for everyone but gives you an opportunity to ordinary people like you to become an internet celebrity & make big money.YouTube partner

You need to join YouTube Partner Program and upload videos which are popular on YouTube like songs & dance videos, funny videos, tips & ideas, humorous videos etc.

Your earning depends on the number of views your videos will receive. There are people who are making millions of dollars from this program.

Just you need is a video recorder and a talent to impress the world.

8. eBook Writing and Podcasting

eBook writing If you have passion for writing and want to publish your book and not getting any publishers then you can write an eBook, publish it online & make money.

You can set price and sell online. All the technical details you will learn online.

9. Online Tutoring and Consulting

Online Tutoring Instead tutoring offline you can do online via Skype. You get paid for every session you conduct.

Later you also consult online and make it a full time profession.

So these were few online business ideas to start.

10. Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is very profitable business however you must know how to work with Adobe Photoshop.

You also have to hire professional desktop publishers if you are getting customers on daily basis.

You will also need an office space.

Business Ideas Under Rs.50,000/-

11. Food Catering Services

food catering business Here you take orders from customers for special occasions like marriage, birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Food catering service is relatively cheaper than opening a restaurant or a fast food joint. You just need Rs 25,000/- to Rs 50,000/- to get started.

12. Lunch Box Delivery Service

Lunch box delivery service is where you hire men to deliver lunch boxes to people working in offices. You don’t have to prepare food as you just collect the lunch boxes from an area and deliver to respective people working in offices.

13. Distributors and Dealers

Distributors sell to dealers and dealers sell directly to consumers. As a distributor you will buy products from a company and sell it to dealers. You need a warehouse and transportation for receiving and delivering goods to several dealers. Invest Rs 4 to 5 Lacs.

14. Laundry Shop

Laundry Shop Either you have to hire men for laundering or buy a laundry machine. You also need to advertise in order to reach out to more customers. Minimum investment of Rs 50,000 to Rs 75,000 is required.

15. Fast Food Joint

While opening a fast food joint you will need a kiosk that can be movable as well as immovable. You need money (Rs 2 to 3 lac) for owning a kiosk, procuring food items, few men for cooking and counter jobs.

16. Meat and Seafood Shop

Meat and seafood shop needs you a cold storage where you can store the food items. Apart from procuring fresh meat and seafood you need to invest in cold storage facility.

17. Restaurant and Food Truck

Open a family restaurant in a prime location. You will need men for cooking and servicing the food. You also have to procure fresh food items that will be prepared for your customers. Minimum investment of Rs 5 Lacs to Rs 6 Lacs.

18. Candle and Soap Making

candle & soap making If you can’t afford starting above mentioned businesses from point 11 through 14 then you can start with following 4 business ideas.

You easily acquire the raw materials like right kind of wax, the right equipment and technique to melt the wax and dealing with legal side of the business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 25,000/- to Rs 50,000/-

19. Idol Making

In festival season there is a demand of idols of various deities. In idol making business you need clay, paint and off course the idol maker.

Minimum Investment: Rs 25,000/- to Rs 40,000/-

20. Paper Bag Making

Paper bag making is really great because you need hardly an investment of Rs 5000/- to Rs 10,000/-. You need to collect newspaper and glue to get started.

Anyone can do it.

21. Pickle and Jam Making

Best for women entrepreneurs! Only thing you need is raw material, certain preserving chemicals, bottling and packaging and licensing. That’s it!

Minimum Investment: Rs 25000/- to Rs 50,000/-. Jam business could cost more.

22. English Coaching Academy

English Coaching Academy English Coaching academy bit different than taking tuition. Here you have to look out an office space where you can establish your academy.

You also have to spend money on advertising by distributing pamphlets, ads etc.

23. Cooking Class

Cooking class is great for women and you hardly need any investment to start it. Only you need to advertise to people who don’t know.

Minimum Investment: Rs 10,000/- to Rs 20,000/- for kitchen ware and fresh produce.

24. Acting and Dance School

This is very good if you live in an urban city. You can easily establish an academy where you teach young kids.

However the most important investment will be choosing a right location where you can find a lot of kids.

25. Interior Designer and Decorator

In very high demand if you live in an urban city. You will not have a problem getting clients because so many people buy homes daily.

You need to have experience, certification and advertise to spread a word about your company.

26. Mail Order Business

Mail Order Business Mail order business is not new. The best part of this business is you can run right from the comfort of your home.

You just need to pay for getting registered with a franchise. You also need basic stationery like envelopes for stuffing pamphlets, stamps, glue and most importantly money for printing pamphlets.

27. MLM

Multilevel marketing is not new and you already know about it. You can make it into a real big business if you are serious.

You just need to get registered for a company and start advertising on bus stops, newspaper, through distributing pamphlets etc so you get more members under your leadership.

28. Stock Marketing and Forex Trading

Not exactly a business but if you have interest in stocks and trading then definitely you can make some money here.

However you have to be careful about your money because you can lose it if you don’t how to trade. So put your money smartly.

29. Palm Readers and Astrologers

Palm Reading business This is definitely a small niche but if you can find right clients then this could be a great business idea. You must know everything about astrology, reading cards etc.

30. Counseling of All Types

Counseling can be done for various purposes like for career counseling, stress relief, personality building, finance etc.

You have to find your niche and get started.

Business Ideas Under Rs.1,00,000/-

31. Realtor

Real estate agent has nothing to lose. You make money from both sides. However you must have contacts so you get clients more often.

32. Indian Sweets and Condiment ShopIndian Sweets shop

Indian sweet shop is different than opening a bakery. You need experienced Halwai who know how to make traditional Indian sweets. The real challenge is the recruiting men and not the money for starting the shop.

33. Aggarbati and Beedi Making

Register your business and acquire raw materials like bamboo sticks, different powers, stick making machine and various machineries.

Similar for Beedi making you have to get license, tobacco, leaves and manpower to start the business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/- depending upon machinery.

34. A Coffee or Tea House or Other Beverages

tea_house You can easily replace café coffee day, Barista or Starbucks by opening your coffee or a tea house. You need to look out for location and hire men for servicing. Rs 50,000 to Rs 100,000 would be fine.

35. Pottery

Pottery making is quite similar to idol making. You need clay, spinning machine, furnace and manpower. You will also need clearance from government for their environmental concerns.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

36. Hemming, Tailoring and Stitching & Knitting

Tailoring shop would require nothing much. All you need is sewing machine and professional tailors. You can take orders and finish the job at a given time.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 75,000/- mainly and sewing machines.

37. Weaving and Embroidery, Wedding Dresses

It is more than tailoring business. Here you make customized dresses for special occasion by taking orders from the customers. You must have necessary skills in weaving and embroidery.

Minimum Investment: Rs 75,000/- to Rs 100,000/- and few craftsmen.

38. Xerox and Book Binding Shop

The main investment would be buying machinery and a Xerox machine. A book binding machine could cost you over Rs 50,000/- and a Xerox machine would cost around Rs 50K to 1 Lac.

39. Mobile Phone and Electronic Repair Shop

You must have all the know-how about repairing electronic gadgets like mobile phone and laptops.

Here you don’t need much of an investment in acquiring various equipments but you do need a shop in prime location.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

40. Coaching Center – Tuition, Dance, Martial Arts etc

Now diverging from starting stores to establishing academies!

Coaching center for tuition, dance, martial arts etc! You can start from home but later look out for an office in a prime location.

Minimum Investment: Rs 10,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

41. Gun Shooting School

Gun Shooting School Although gun culture is not very popular in India but if you know about guns then you can open a gun shooting academy.

Yes most important thing would be licensing and also finding customers because the niche is very small.

Minimum Investment: Rs 10,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

42. Ticket Booking and Reservation Service

You start ticket booking service for Indian railways, state transport buses and even domestic flights.

You do not need much as just a computer with internet connection will do it.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

43. Cleaning Services

You offer cleaning services to homes, shopping malls, office buildings and other places where they are needed.

You hire them and supply to your clients. The main investment will be in hiring and training of workers.

44. Landscaping and Gardening Services

They are in high demand as organizations want their building to look more green and attractive.

Again you have to hire men and train them how to work with various mowing and chopping equipments.

45. Doula Services

Doula Services Doula services are still very rare in India. But you can find niche in urban center where affluent people live.

You need experienced handler or monitrice who can handle delivery when a woman is going through labor.

46. Plumbing Services

Just like masonry or cleaning services plumbing services fall in the same category.

You have to recruit plumbers and provide them to clients like construction companies or individual clients.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

47. Home Renovation Service

Again it is similar to plumbing service where you only renovate homes of different clients.

You need men and basic supplies like paints, brushes, ladders etc.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 75,000/-

48. Gourmet or Personal Chef

You will be personal chef for your clients and cook food whatever they like. Off course you must know how to cook different kinds of food and also have some contacts.

49. Computer Hardware and Software Installation Services

Profitable as well as very easy to start a business like software installation. Everyone buys new computer and they want to install software like OS, MS Office etc.

If you have collection of all the necessary CDs and software then you don’t need much of an investment.

50. Home Grown Organic Farming

Home Grown Organic Farming Similarly you can start organic farming from your home. You will need special kind of seeds, fertilizers and other equipments.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 100,000/-

Business Ideas from Rs.1,00,000 to Rs.5,00,000/-

51. A Bakery, Condiment and Chocolate Store or Cooking School

Opening a bakery or a condiment store is bit more sophisticated then opening up a restaurant. You need raw material like flour, sugar, coco powder, dough machine and few helpers. Minimum investment of Rs 1 Lacs to Rs 2 Lacs would be enough.

52. A Provision and Vegetable Store

Provision store or a vegetable store will never run out of business. This is an easiest way to start a business with an investment of Rs 150,000/- to Rs 200,000 for procuring necessary items.

53. Saw Mill Business

Similarly a Saw Mill Business would require you investment in heavy machinery and hiring manpower.

54. Pet Breeding and Training Business

Pet Breeding Business You can breed pet and also train them. For breeding business you must have required semen specimen for breeding and permit.

55. Papad Making and Honey Processing

Acquire raw materials like various pulses, spices, rolling machines etc. You can either hire workers or spend on automatic papad making machine.

Similarly for honey business you need a farm where you rear bees.

Minimum Investment: Rs 75,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

56. Toys Making

This would need more investment because of machinery and equipments like drilling, punching, cutting etc. You can start the business by making wooden toys because you can escape regulations and other quality control measures.

Minimum Investment: Rs 75,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

57. Beauty Parlor and Makeup, Barber Shop or Salon

This is nothing new. For equipments and supplies you will need cosmetics, shampoo bowls, scissors, combs and chairs. Chairs will cost you real money. You also must have trained beautician.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 500,000/-

58. Store/Boutique for Clothing & Fashion Accessories for Men, Women & Kids

Boutique Here you will serve high end customers with fancy dresses and other fashion accessories. You need money for opening a store in great location, dresses and other accessories.

Minimum Investment: Rs 300,000/- to Rs 600,000/-

59. School Uniform Store

You cater to specifically to children who are in primary schools. You need clothes and tailors for stitching clothes. You also need to do some advertising in your area.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

60. A Bookstore and Stationery Shop

Start procuring books from different publishers and sell it with a profit margin. You can also sell stationery items as supplements. Location of the store is very important like school or college campus etc.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 250,000/-

61. Custom Made Festival Gifts

Now we are diverging here.

Here you need artistic skills like working with wrapping papers, streamers designing them and delivering to the clients.

You will be preparing gifts for special occasions, marriages etc.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-, mainly in advertising.

62. A Florist and Flower Delivery Service

A burgeoning business! You need to supply of fresh and exotic flowers. You also need to find a right location for establishing your shop.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

63. Gaming Parlors

Gaming parlors are quite popular with kids and younger generation. You need high speed computers with high speed internet.

You also need furniture and cabins.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

64. Music and Videos DVD Store

You sell DVDs, CDs for music and movies. You also sell high end accessories that are popular among high end customers.

You need to contact distributor for acquiring original CDs. Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000/-

65. A Drug/Pharmacy Store

Very profitable business because of rising demand for drugs and other pharmaceuticals!

The most important thing is the license and a 2 year D pharmacy degree. You also have to acquire all the necessary medical supplies.

Minimum Investment: Rs 400,000/- to Rs 500,000/-

66. Scrap Store

Scrap Store You basically collect all the junk from newspapers to plastic to discarded metals. Here you need men who will collect all the junk from a given area.

You also need to contact the seller or company where you are going to sell all your collected junk.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 150,000/-

67. A Driving School

This is real and you have seen many driving school. You don’t need much to get started.

The most important part is off course driving license and the license is not an ordinary driving license. You also need to buy few second hand cars.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 300,000/-

68. Travelling Agency

First you have to get approval from either government or IATA (The International Air Transport Association) to become an agent.

You also need service tax registration. A large chunk of your investment will also go into advertising your new business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 300,000/-

69. Masonry and Carpentry Service

You will have to hire men who are trained in masonry and carpentry. You will supply these men when you get order from your clients.

You have to spend money on hiring mason workers and carpenters. You also need to build contacts to get more clients.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

70. Welding Service

Just like masonry and carpentry service for offering welding services you need to hire men and train them.

They will be needed for construction and other kinds of wielding work. Here you also have to spend on equipments related to welding.

71. Baby Day Care

Baby day care centers are booming all over the country. It is really easy to open a baby day care.

You can start with your home and hire few women to take care of young kids. You yourself can teach them.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50,000/- to Rs 150,000/-

72. Water Supplying Service

Here you supply water in tanker to people who ordered it. The money is really great especially in summer season.

You need water tankers and also storage facility where you can store water so you can distribute if order comes.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 500,000/- Tanker’s cost not included.

73. Milk Supply Service

You supply milk in a van from a dairy farm to inner and outer city.

You will need to invest in vans, containers and off course deal with dairy or farm where you will get orders to deliver the milk daily.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000/-

74. Cab Services – OLA, Uber etc

IF you have cars then you can become a franchisee of OLA or Uber and start a cab service.

The money is really great and you don’t need much in an investment except a car and driving license.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000/-

75. Auto Repair – Interior & Exterior

Auto Repair Business Auto repair is where you give full service from repairing different parts to cleaning the car.

You must have all the necessary equipments and mechanic to do the job.

Minimum Investment: Rs 300,000/- to Rs 500,000/-

76. Air Condition and Other Home Appliance Repair

You need necessary technicians who know how to work with electronic goods. For AC repair and servicing you need to hire engineers.

For getting clients you have to advertise about your business to office complexes and homes.

77. Antique Store

It is a small niche and not for everyone. If you happen to collect antique then you can turn that hobby into a profession.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 300,000 depending upon how big the store is.

78. Funeral Services

You provide cars for funeral, casket and a priest who offer the last rites. You also need an office and advertise your business to get started.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000 /-

79. Cyber Café

You do not need much to start a cyber café and it is profitable too.

You need few computers, internet connection, batteries to backup and furniture to start this business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 300,000/- to Rs 400,000/-

80. Tropical Fish Aquarium Store

You need to invest in aquariums and acquiring exotic fishes from all around the world. You must know right people in the industry who are going to supply you with exotic fish daily.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 300,000/-

81. Welding and Woodworking Business

If you can acquire right kind of labor and equipments then you can start welding and woodwork business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 200,000/- to Rs 400,000/-

82. Software Training and Placement Service

You start teaching basic software like C, C++, Java etc to students and also offer them placement.

You need teaching staff and contacts with companies who require new recruits to employ.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

83. Advertising and Branding Agencies

If you have an experience in advertising and branding then you can think of starting your own agency.

You will need a team and more importantly staying in touch with right people in the industry so you get clients.

84. Traditional Medicine – Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Store

This niche is very popular and you don’t need much to get started.

You need license and have complete knowledge of homeopathic or ayurvedic medicine. You also have to acquire medicine and drugs from manufacturers.

Minimum Investment: Rs 100,000/- to Rs 200,000/-

85. Accountant and Tax Consultancy

If your line is accountancy then you can start giving consultancy for auditing, tax issues etc. You just need to start your office and spread a word about it.

86. Gym and Fitness Center, Weight Loss Center

gym You can open a fitness center like gym in your society and make money by giving memberships to new members.

You will have to invest in equipments and keeping few trainers.

Minimum Investment: Rs 300,000/- to Rs 500,000/-

87. Event Management – Wedding and Parties

Event management is also a lucrative business if you know the right people in the industry then you can easily get started. You need a regular office to run this business.

Business Ideas from Rs.5,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000/-

88. Processing and Packaging Company

This is bit sophisticated business as you will need substantial amount of money for acquiring the machinery, raw materials and workers. Except an investment of over Rs 500,000/- to Rs 10,000,000/-

89. Water Purification Plant

You will need utilities like air conditioning, air compressor, licensing, consulting, construction, bottling and packaging charges. Moreover you need manpower and location to establish the plant.

90. A Pawn Shop

Pawn Shop It is a risky business because you are going to lend money on personal property as security or collateral.

You need to have contacts for getting clients and also good relation in the community for solving disputes.

91. Car Accessories Store

You will be selling various car accessories like various interiors and exteriors. However you wouldn’t be repairing or servicing the car.

The most part of investment would go into acquiring various accessories from a right distributor.

Minimum Investment: Rs 5,00,000/- to Rs 10,00,000/-

92. Nursing School

This is not for everyone because you will need manpower as well as license to start a nursing school.

First you must get a license from Indian Nursing Council to open a school. You also need right kind of training staff to teach and train young students.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 100,0000/-

93. Modeling Agency

The most important investment that you will ever make is establishing contacts with right people in the industry.

You will not recruit but also train and groom them to become a perfect model.

94. Photo Studio and Art Studio

The main investment that you need is buying equipments for developing and printing photos. You also must have knowledge about photography and a shop at right location.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

95. Fumigation Services

Fumigation Services You will need right licensing, training of men and equipment like sprayers, coverwalls, masks, safety uniforms etc.

You also need to advertise your business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 700,000/-

96. Crematory Services

This could also become a profitable business. You will need a license for opening a crematory. You will need electric heater or chamber where body is burnt.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

97. Spy and Security Services

If you have expertise then you make huge money with this business. If you have back ground in defense and combat then you can start giving this service.

The main challenge would be hiring men for security and spying needs.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

98. Car Pooling Service

Car Pooling service is very profitable when you live in a city or small town. You need to invest in cars and drivers to start this business.

Including advertising you will need an investment of at least Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

99. Trucking Services and Towing Service

With rising accidents in cities and traffic violations towing services are in great demand.

The business is profitable and you need few towing vehicles as your main investment.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

100. Leasing Cars Service

If you own few cars then you can lease them to others and charge them a rent on daily basis.

If you don’t have a car then you can buy second hand and rent them.

Minimum Investment: Rs 300,000/- to Rs 600,000/-

101. Used Car and Bike Dealership

Instead of becoming a dealer for new cars you can become a dealer for used cars and motorbikes.

You will basically act as middleman between the sellers and new second hand buyers.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 700,000/-

102. Packers & Movers or Courier Services

On the lines of Ups, DHL, Gati, etc you can start moving goods from point A to point B. Packers and Movers

Moving logistics is very profitable and you need a fleet of vehicles to transport goods from one point to another.

You can also start as franchisee of a bigger company.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

103. Cold Storage Facilities

Here you store and sell meat, sea food, vegetables, fruit and other perishable edibles. You have to procure the food materials from your supplier.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 600,000/-

104. Pathology Lab

You have to invest in lab equipments and hire technicians to get started. You also need to get all the necessary license and certification before you open the pathology lab.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

105. Glass & Electrical Lights Store

Here you sell glass items and electrical lights like chandeliers and accessories for show etc. The items are expensive and for upper end customers.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 10,00,000/-

106. HR Recruiter

HR recruiter is a great business idea. You have to invest in advertising and a tie up with various companies you will be sending candidates to.

Minimum Investment: 200,000/- to 250,000/-

107. A Call Center

After getting some experience you can open up your own domestic call center. You need to hire few callers and get a client to get started. You also need an office space.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 600,000/-

108. LKG and UKG Schools

Here you will need manpower and also physical infrastructure like classroom and furniture. But the profits are really great if you get started.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 1000,000/-

109. A Hardware Store

Hardware Store Here you will sell everything related to home like pipes and fittings, steel rod, girders, cement, paint etc.

You have to secure all the supplies from the distributors.

Minimum Investment: Rs 500,000/- to Rs 700,000

Business Ideas Above Rs. 10,00,000/-

110. Beer and Wine Making

Opening a brewery is quite expensive compared to above mentioned business ideas. The most expensive investment would be buying equipment and it can cost your Rs 50 lacs to Rs 1 Crore.

Moreover you also need raw materials like hops, grapes, storage facility, bottling and packaging.

111. Spa and Manicure/Pedicure, Hair Removal, Skin Treatment

Spa or Skin treatment clinic would require very high capital for hiring masseuse, beauticians, electronic gadgets and designing interiors. You also have to open your spa in a prime location with lots of customers to attract.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1 Million to Rs 1.5 Million

112. Liquor & Beer Store

Opening a liquor or a beer store is a serious business but returns are very high. The most difficult thing would be getting a license.

You also have to procure all kinds of liquor from different distributors. Getting a beer licence is much easier than getting a liquor licence.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 1500,000/-

113. Start a Vocational School

Here you give vocational training like plumbing, masonry, electric fitting, sewing, embroidery etc.

You can open a school, get recognized by the state government and start offering certification once students complete their course.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 1500,000/-

114. Cricket Coaching Academy

Cricket coaching academy would work only in posh area of an urban city.

You have to have grounds available, you also need to organize tournaments, need coach and equipments to train kids.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 2000,000/-

115. Old Age Home

It is quite similar to baby day care but here you have to take care of old people. You will be in great need of volunteers who can look after old people.

That will be your main investment other than having a big place to accommodate the old people..

116. Trailer Services

Trailer Services Not in India but in USA trailer services are very popular. Trailers are nothing with movable homes that can be transported from one place to another.

If you have trailers then you can start a business.

Minimum Investment: Rs 5000,000/- to Rs 10000,000/-

117. Crane and Heavy Lifting Services

A growing business in cities because of constructions and road accidents.

The main investment that you will make would be buying heavy machineries like cranes and heavy lifters.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50 Lacs to Rs 2 Crore

118. Transportation Service – City and Interstate

Running a transportation service is big business because you have to maintain a fleet of buses.

The profit is great but you need buses and drivers who are going to transport people within the city and intra city also.

Minimum Investment: Rs 50 Lacs/- to Rs 1 Crore

119. Car Parking Service

Car parking is a growing business because lack of parking space in urban areas of a city.

In order to start a parking service first you need to have an area of land near a shopping mall or a work place.

You also need to talk to owner of the mall in order to build a partnership.

120. Gas Station or Petrol Pump

This is not for everyone because you will require serious capital to start a petrol pump.

The most difficult part would be getting license. Moreover the cost of setting a petrol pump is also going to be high.

Minimum Investment: Rs 2 Crore- to Rs 3 Crore

121. Party Hall, Marriage Hall etc

If you have a large area then you can turn it into a marriage hall. You rent the space for a day and charge a certain amount.

You also have to spend money on advertising and get special permission from the magistrate for playing music after 11 pm.

122. Charter Flight Service

Charter Flight Service Let me tell you honestly this is very small niche and it is not for everyone because cost of starting this business is very high.

You need to have private planes as well as clients who can afford charter flights and helicopter rides.

123. Modular Kitchen, Sofa and Furniture Stores

This is very popular niche and you have to invest in acquiring supplies for kitchen and home requirements.

Here you have to have contacts with distributors to get the supplies.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1500,000/- to Rs 2000,000

124. Art and Painting Collection and Auction Business

You collect art, paintings and sell them in an auction.

You need to stay in contacts with art galleries in the city, artist community and also art admirers and buyers.

125. Motel, Inn, Lodge Services

Travelling industry is growing and you have to offer travelers cheaper accommodation and an alternative to expensive five star hotels.

You need to find right location and construct the building.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 3000,000

126. Video Conference and Board Room Services

This is extension of last point here you give them on rent on hourly basis. You have to find right location where you can find more clients.

127. Newspaper and Magazine Publishing

You start publishing a newspaper in your city or town. However you have to muster resources like good writer, editors, printing machine and distributors.

Similarly you can also publish magazine.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 2000,000/-

128. Nightclub and a Pub Nightclub business

Lucrative business if you live in a city. However, starting a nightclub or a pub could be challenging because you need to have manpower, licensing, liquor, a right area etc.

129. Farming

Now here we will be talking about business related to farming. If you have land then you can start farming and sell the produce.

You will need a tractor, fertilizers, seeds and water supply. You can directly sell to the APMC’s near to you.

130. Animal Husbandry, Poultry and Fisheries

If you have animals then you can start a dairy farm, sell meat and even domesticate fish. However you have to invest in life stock and other infrastructure.

Minimum Investment: Rs 1000,000/- to Rs 2000,000/-

131. Building and Construction

This business is really growing in second tier cities where you take a plot and build a home 4 to 6 storey’s high and sell it. You become a small builder.

If you belong to a 2 tier or 3 tier cities then you can buy 2000 sq. ft. or bigger plot & construct 3 to 4 storied building with 1 or 2 flats on each floor and get huge profits.

Many of the people started this business without any experience & making good income. Initially, you need to give time to understand the whole process but after 1-2 projects, you will become expert.

So these were 130 business ideas. There are many other small businesses that I have not mentioned in this list but they are also great like starting your own music band, tattoo shop, producing TV serials, solar farm etc.

You can choose anyone of them and get started. Choose a business that you have some experience in.