In politics, it is perception more than reality that matters.

Now even if we were to believe that what the story claimed is true, it hardly makes any difference as in politics, perception matters more. For that matter, a Twitter audit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Twitter account suggests that out of his 35 Million plus followers 13 Million are real where as close to 22 million are fake or bot accounts. As per a CNBC report, close to 48 Million accounts on Twitter are bots. So out 48 Million of those, if nearly 22 Million belong to Modi. You can imagine the magnitude of the smokescreen created by the ruling party to highlight the popularity of the Prime Minister on Twitter. But as mentioned earlier, in politics it is perception more than reality that matters.

The shifting dynamics with growing palpable anger against the government and it’s policies is helping the grand old party script it’s success on social media. With interesting infographics, statistics, fact checks and prompt and witty responses, the Congress seems to be winning the digital game as of now. Many might feel that the euphoria is far fetched but it clearly helps in building a popularity perception for Gandhi. Specially at a time when elections are due in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh as well as Rahul’s elevation to the Congress President’s post. We shouldn’t forget that this is not restricted only to social media, but almost all mainstream news channels and newspapers have debated and discussed this sudden change in dynamics. Which in turn, results in a complete media blitzkrieg in spreading the message to the masses that Rahul Gandhi has completely transformed himself as a mature politician.

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